The Eazy way to find

your assessments projects

Free to use.

Fully automated.

Your personalised assistance.

Your expertise matters

Eazy Linking does all the hard work to connect Clients and Assessors.


To do this efficiently, we need detailed information about your fields of expertise. Access to your comprehensive professional information enables Eazy to match you with the best available projects more accurately and creates better opportunities for you. 

Features made Eazy

for Assessors

Create a free profile 

Showcase your skills and fields of expertise.

The more highlights you provide, the better assessments will be matched to you.

Eazy is free to use for all Assessors!

We take care of the sales for you

Our sales & marketing actions will generate a large number of assessments. Eazy Linking, our real-time matching engine, will automatically search and notify you of the best projects suited

to your expertise.

Accept the assessment

Next, we match you to assessments and propose them to you. Once you find an interesting opportunity, you simply accept the Client’s offer with one click. Or decline it if you are too busy!

Automated Eazy Flow

You can focus on the project, book meetings, perform assessments and build a relationship

with the Client, while we take care of the paperwork and ensure everyone is up-to-date

on the progress.

Eazy Vault

Tired of those emails, notes, calls, and other information scattered everywhere? We provide 

a secure digital space for all your assessment documents and details, allowing for easy access — all in one place.

Create and send the report

Drafting and posting assessment reports is also part of our app. Our automated process helps you send the report directly to the Client, get acceptance notification, and receive timely payment.

Re-invent assessments with us!​