Assessments made Eazy

for Clients

Fair pricing.

Full automation.

Quality at the heart

of assessments

Clients publish assessment projects that get matched by Eazy Linking — our automated matching engine.


Eazy Linking analyses your requirements and provides you with a selection of Assessors. This saves you time, as you are only seeing the best-suited professionals. Next, you choose the Assessor whose expertise meets your key criteria. Confidentiality is guaranteed thanks to the Eazy Vault, where Assessors can only access approved assessment materials and Client details.

Features that make your hiring process more efficient.

Create your account

Simply subscribe for an Eazy Membership and create your Eazy account, providing your company details.

Post an assessment request

Create your assessment and upload all participant data (CVs, profile, role description) in an automated, easy, and secure way.

We find the best Assessor for you  

Eazy Linking – our matching engine operating in real-time — will propose the Assessors that best meet your requirements.

Select your Assessor

Next, from our pre-selection, you simply choose the Assessor that best matches your needs to carry out your assessment(s).  

Stay up-to-date with Eazy Flow

Stay informed, in real-time, with Eazy Flow. It keeps you up-to-date throughout the assessment process.

Eazy Vault

Tired of the many emails, notes, calls, and other information in various places? We provide a secure digital space for all your assessment materials,

with secure access for specified Assessors only.

Receive the report

Once the assessment is finalised, the Assessor 

will deliver the full report to your Eazy Vault. 

Our automated Eazy Flow assists you with

the report acceptance process. 

Re-invent assessments with us!​