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At Eazy, transparency and confidentiality

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Our smart engine will only select those Assessors who match your project requirements exactly.

Only the Assessor you select will be able to see the assessment project details.

What we offer is a swift and secure exchange of real-time people information.

Features that make your hiring process more efficient
Create your account

​Simply subscribe for an Eazy Membership

and create your Eazy account, providing your company details.

Post an assessment request

​Create your assessment and upload all participant data (CVs, profile, role description) in an automated, easy, and secure way.

Find and select your Assessor

Eazy Linking — our real-time matching engine — proposes the Assessors that best meet your requirements. Next, you simply choose and assign the assessment to your preferred Assessor.  

Eazy Vault and Eazy Flow

​Eazy Flow keeps you up-to-date throughout

the assessment process. Eazy Vault is a secure digital space for all your assessment data, with easy access for selected Assessors only. No more emails, notes, and other information scattered everywhere.

Receive the report

​Once the assessment is completed, the Assessor 

uploads the full report to your Eazy Vault. 

Our automated Eazy Flow assists you with

the report acceptance process.



Contracts, Invoicing & Payments — eazy!

Eazy signs a separate contract with both you

and the Assessor. We make sure invoices are processed on time, and take care of collecting

the money from the Client so that the Assessor receives a timely payment each time.

Wait... There’s more! Go to eazy.market
to check out our full process flow.

Assessments made Eazy
for Clients

Fair pricing.
Full automation.

In today's increasingly complex and busy world, I am glad to have found a reliable online meeting place like Eazy, where assessors and clients can meet and look for a mutual best fit, and have their administration simplified and taken care of.

Laurence Rottesman

Freelance Talent and Culture Consultant

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