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Eazy is an automated marketplace for people assessments. We enable direct business relationships between companies and assessors, without the intervention of HR Service Providers. This results in fair fees for all stakeholders, an optimised and transparent assessment processes.


With our advanced solutions, we make assessments more accessible, easy and efficient to perform. Eazy enables assessors and companies to focus on what is important - qualitative assessments delivered on time and building valuable relationships.

The assessment re-invented

  1.  Eazy Linking matches the best Assessors
    with Client's requirements.

  2. Assessors deliver quality assessments.

  3. Eazy Flow automates your work and provides
    real-time information for all stakeholders.

  4. Eazy takes care of fair pricing and on-time

Become a part of the change.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen both the demand and importance of assessments growth. Yet the way assessments are organised has to a large extent not changed. They are controlled by HR Service Providers that subcontract freelancers at a low daily rate while charging clients premium prices, resulting in limited specialised expertise available to clients and unevenly distributed fees. In this overpriced market, clients overpay and expert assessors are underpaid.


A better balanced market will generate higher assessment demand, better quality of performed assessments and allow for the creation of valuable collaborative relationships.

We are a team of seasoned assessment experts and entrepreneurs – from our founders, our advisory board, to our shareholders. We share  an ambition to create a marketplace that values and matches the expertise of freelance assessors with the needs and expectations of organisations.


With Eazy, we create that marketplace powered by intuitive software, an AI matching engine and provide a secure, direct access environment where companies and freelance assessors can engage and work together.

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