Your marketplace
for people assessments.

We keep things simple. 
You assess, we assist

Eazy is a marketplace for people assessments.


We enable direct business relationships between companies

and assessors, without the intervention of HR Service Providers.

This results in fair fees for all stakeholders, an optimised

and transparent assessment process.


We make assessments more accessible, easy to organise

and efficient to perform — all in one app!


Here's how it works


Assessors communicate in real time and deliver quality assessments.


Eazy Flow automates your work and provides frequent updates to all stakeholders.


Eazy takes care of fair pricing, invoicing and on-time payments.


The Client creates
a new assessment project.


Eazy Linking matches
the best Assessors
with Client’s requirements.

Become part of the change

We are a team of seasoned assessment experts and entrepreneurs – from our founders and advisory board, to our shareholders. We share an ambition to create a marketplace that values and matches the expertise of freelance assessors with the expectations of companies.

With Eazy, we created an app powered by intuitive software, an AI matching engine that provides a secure environment where companies and freelance assessors can engage and work together.

A transparent and balanced marketplace generates higher assessment quality, more assessment demand, fair pricing and valuable collaborative partnerships.

For Assessors

Find new assessments, acquire new Clients!

For Clients

Find the best assessor for your next hire!