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Discover and unleash Talent

Eazy2Assess attracts, retains and develops all employees into highly effective Talents.

We offer personalised assessments to achieve your Selection, Career Mobility and Development goals.

We democratise assessments

What is EAZY?

Eazy is the digital marketplace for people assessments. We match companies and assessors to assess People.​

We facilitate personalised assessments in direct interaction between organisations and assessors.


Make your business resilient with Eazy assessment solutions to hire, retain and develop the right Talent.​

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All assessment information available always to all qualified users


Stay up to date on ongoing projects and new opportunities

 in real time.


Perform and attend assessments anytime & anywhere with our mobile solution.


How EAZY works

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The ROI of Assessments

  • Reduce the overall cost of your hiring efforts

  • Lower your staff Turnover Ratio

  • Increase Performance

  • Improve Team Compatibility

Our Assessment Approach

Our assessment methods are developed following the interviews with expert assessors, organisations and our years of expertise in the field. Eazy is a talent  marketplace where all users meet in a secure environment, exchange information in real-time and deliver qualitative assessments.

We advocate an open platform philosophy and integrate with providers of assessment technology and HRM solutions.

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Certified Assessors

All our Assessors are certified by Eazy Sr. Expert Assessors. Their specific expertise and experience is documented in their Eazy Profile. 

After completing our onboarding and certification process, only the top 20% Assessors are selected to join the Eazy Assessor Network.

Safety & Data protection


5 reasons to use Assessments ?

Increased Talentpool

Including objective assessments in the selection process contributes to building a broader and more diverse Talentpool. This attracts talents that might not be considered before.

Enhance Performance

Consitently hiring the best fit candidates increases the probability of an overall higher performance Identifying employee development needs and acting upon them is another direct benefit of effective use of assessments.

Cost Effective hiring

Structured assessments provide in depth information that enables better non biased matching to teams and expectations. They allow for customised onboarding and offer valid information to managers.

The Objective Assessor

Independent assessors performing a selection assessment or a development centre lower the risk of bias and enhance the participant's experience. An open and constructive feedback at the end of the assessment and the entire process contributes to the overall assessment experience. 

Retention & Engagement

Assessments provide valuable insights on capabilities, potential and ambitions to both organisations and participants. To achieve this, an open attitude and transparent sharing of the results is needed. We believe that an open conversation on the  assessment results improves the Candidate's Experience and enhances  your Retention Rate.

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