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The assessor platform

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How it Works

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Business acquisition made eazy
  • Our clients post their assessments projects on the Eazy Platform.

  • We match you to the projects that fit your expertise and your availability.

  • You decide if you accept and win yet another project.

  • Next we will handle all the paperwork.

  • You acquire access to the assessment project.

  • Plan and deliver the assessment

Organise your workload
  • Eazy provides an intuitive access to your assignments, tasks activities and reports to write.

  • You can link your calendar to the Eazy app and have a full overview at a glance.

  • Plan and track meetings with participants and co-assessors.

  • Manage all your meetings, actions and updates in real time

  • Follow up on invoicing and payments.

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Secure & organised
  • Access to assessment files and data is managed in a secure environment.

  • We manage all contracting and invoicing between assessors and clients and provide an in app overview.

  • Keep track of all your ongoing and past assignments.

Assessment Dashboard

  • Accept and confirm assignments

  • Book meetings

  • Plan reporting & feedback

  • Manage your Account, Turnover & Invoicing

  • Create reports

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The Eazy assessment process


The Client launches an assessment project. Eazy matches with the asssessor(s) and the Client selects.


Decide which assignment you accept, what the fee is. Clients award a project to the assessor of their choice.


Once the assessment is assigned, Eazy handles all contracting between client and assessor.


Access the assessment file and organise all the meetings and testing.


You can focus on the assessment, changes are tracked in the app, so all users are up to date in real time.


Draft and finalise your report in Eazy, then submit your report to the client.

Invoice & payment

Once the report is submitted and accepted we handle all invoicing and arrange payments. 

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