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Hire Talent

A successful hire matches the capabilities, potential and the ambitions of people to the organisation's needs.

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Assessments Enhance Results

Managers spend on average 30% of their time focusing on staff members who don't measure up to the expectations.

People that feel engaged and connected to the organisation stay up to 20% longer with the organisation.

Integrating assessments into the selection process provides valuable information to hire the right Talents, how to enhance performance and increases your retention rate.

Why use an Assessment?

​Integrating assessments into your hiring process is the first step in building a relationship with your future employee. It enhances the probability of a fit on capabilities and potential. They deliver insights into motivation and enhance a cultural fit, this leads to:

  • Improvement of the overall quality of hiring

  • Increased efficiency of hiring  

  • Lower hiring costs

  • Lower attrition rate

  • Less mishires

Why use an Assessment_edited.png
Improve your hiring success and retention rate

20 %

of enhanced performance due to assessments

60 %

of all bad hires are caused by a lack of the right capabilities.

87 %

Of engaged employees are less likely to leave your organisation

  • A great first day on the job for the employee

  • An insight into the personality and capabilities of employees for a better match.

  • A better alignment of management and employees on the mutual expectations and needs.

  • A better cultural and organisational fit

  • Higher performance, as aligned and engaged staff lead to better results.


How it works


Understand the requirements, the organisation, the culture, skills, capabilities and the result expectations.

The Interview

Organised in an open constructive setting, the assessment interview is the core phase of each assessment.


Assign the right assessment flow. Draft the composition of the assessment and introduce the participant(s).


Validated personality, cognitive ability and other requirements and exercises are critical for a thorough assessment.


Sharing what was learned during the assessment is a valuable and mandatory part and enhances the user Experience

The Report

The report is drafted, presented  and detailed to the client. A detailed feedback is later provided to the participant.

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Our Certified Assessors
  • Have a proven experience in assessing talent with verified business references.

  • Have a proven track record of assessments performed in a specific industry sector in relation to their expertise level as an Eazy assessor.

  • Are qualified by our expert assessors in their assessment competence, their languages and communication skills. 

  • Are trained and certified in one or multiple assessment tools.

Want to learn how Eazy2Assess can work for your business?

Contact us at +32 471 32 26 05 or or book a demo below.

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