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Meet our Community of Assessors


Qualified Assessors are your best guarantee for the right Talent Pool.

We start the growth of our Assessor Community in the Benelux, next  Europe and later...
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Our Qualification Criteria


Proven experience as an assessor

dig savvy_3x.png
Digital Savvy

Excellent mastering of digital solutions


In one of the qualified assessment tools


Proven 3 years of Industry experience

Star Rated

User rating of

4 out of 5


Open minded, and people oriented attitude

Our Qualification Process

Our assessors are qualified by means of a comprehensive evaluation process conducted by our Sr. Expert Assessors. They are are continually monitored during their assessment projects during joint assessor sessions, the participant's rating and customer feedback. Through constructive feedback sessions our findings are turned into development opportunities.

1. Screening​ 

All assessor applications are screened and matched against our quality standards, the acquired expertise and the experience as an assessor.

2. Validate Certificates & Competences

We take a detailed look at their assessment certificates, verify their credentials and analyse their references.

3. Personal Interview

Experience, knowledge and attitude are verified during an intensive interview. We pay particular attention to their people skills, value set and communication skills.

4. Try out assessment

In a live setting the behaviour, the assessment methodology and communication skills are observed in practise by one of our Sr. Expert Assessors.

5. Continuous Quality Cycle

By means of a continuous evaluation and our rating system our Sr. Expert Assessors monitor the quality of our assessments on a frequent basis.

Assessor Network dedicated to high ethical standards


We facilitate assessments. You perform high quality assessments around the globe.


We maintain a unique 

assessment eco-system. So you can focus on growing  your expertise.


A trusted relationship where you bring your expertise and we manage the rest!


We assure the higest levels of privacy and data security. Together we apply strict ethical codes on confidentiality.

Meet some of our Assessors


Nadine is an expert assessor with 15 years experience in various HR functions. Nadine has acquired her expertise in the international telecom industry , where she managed large teams of HR Business Partners. As a member of the Leadership Team she assessed and coached managers in their career development. Nadine holds a degree in Psychology and is certified in several leading assessment tools. 

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