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Apply as an assessor and broaden your business platform. Build long-term relationships with some of the greatest companies in the world. Benefit from a flexible work schedule. Join an innovative marketplace!

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Why you should join

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Maximised flexibility

Our assessors work 100% flexible. They select the clients and the assignments they prefer. Work a schedule that fits their availability and allows them to develop their business adapted to their pace.

Assessments can be  performed in a remote digital eco-system or face to face on any location of your preference.

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Great Assignments

We bring Clients and Assessors together in one transparent and secure marketplace, enable fast, efficient and one-on-one business interaction. 

We promote the use of assessments as an objective and transparent means to achieve the ambitions and potential of both talents and organisations. is committed to advocate and spread the use of assessments.

Combine fun and quality

Our platform facilitates all the organisational and legal administration, assignment scheduling and logistic plannnig. Often this is the most time consuming part of your business.

No need for a back office admin.

We make delivering assessments easy and create more time to focus on the important things of life. 

it is simple, you assess and we assist.

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Grow your Network

Continuous feedback from clients and participants enables you to develop your expertise.


The Assessor Network enables you to connect with other assessors, share recommendations, exchange knowledge and benefit from the suggestions from the community members.

Remote Working

Our qualification criteria


+ 5 Years experience as an assessor


In one of the qualified assessment tools

People Mindset

Open minded, people oriented attitude


Proven 3 years Industry experience

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Digital Savvy

Excellent mastering of digital solutions

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Ethical Values

Ethics, open and honesty

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Get onboarded the Eazy way. Just drop your info and we'll contact you to get you onboarded. It's our pleasure to be of service!

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Find out how can drive for your business?

Contact us at +32 471 32 26 05 or or book a demo below.

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