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Optimising potential

Transform potential and ambition into building blocks of Talent Management.

It is the surest way to address your Talent challenges.

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Discover and develop Talent
  • Development Centres apply the same methodology as an assessment Centre, but are performed in a different setting and focus. They have a positive impact on talent and your organisation.

  • It is an excellent way to evaluate employees against the organisation's expectations.

  • They are the perfect starting point for a focused development plan.

Why a development centre?
  • Failing to provide people with development opportunities will make them look elsewhere.

  • It provides both parties with an objective insight into the strengths, development areas and ambitions.

  • People acquire a better insight into their capabilities and needs.

  • They often lead to better Performance results.

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Development is the new hiring

87 %

Of millenials say development opportunities determine their career decisions (Gallup/ATD)

94 %

Of employees claim they would stay longer in a job if the organisation invests in helping them learn(Paycor)

How it works


Analyse and decide on the functional and competency requirements for the DC.


The employee receives a detailed feedback on the findings & recommendations.


Define the required tests and exercises, the self-assessment and plan the DC.


The conclusions are drafted in a report that is discussed with all the stakeholders.


 Organised in an open constructive setting, a DC should be a positive experience.

Follow Up

A development plan is made between the manager, the employee and the assessor.

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  1. Installs a culture of continuous learning.

  2. Improves your retention rate

  3. Enhances the capabilities of your talent pool

  4. Objectifies assumptions on potential and capabilities

  5. Leads to better performance

Want to learn how delivers Development Centres?

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